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I am ready to buy a car! What do I do next?

Contact us using the information found here and we will talk you through the entire process.

How long will the process take, from the moment my bet goes through to when I get the car?

Usually the process will take approximately 6 weeks.

Is it possible to get the car inspected on site before I make the purchase?

We only offer inspections at the following auctions: Nissan Osaka, TAA Kinki, BayAuc, NAA Osaka, USS Osaka, HAA Kobe.
We highly recommend you choose a car from one of these auctions as we will be able to provide you with photos and a condition report of the car before you purchase it. You can, however, choose any of the auctions but in that case we cannot guarantee its condition. If the car you chose is at an auction in either Tokyo or Nagoya there is a chance an inspection can be arranged however all of the auctions listed above will definitely guarantee an inspection.

What is an auction grade and does it matter?

The auction grade is a system used to grade each car based on its overall condition and is located around the left top corner of the auction sheet (actual placement varies from auction to auction). It is a 2-6 scale with a 6 being a new car and 2 means high chances of corrosion. An R as a grade means the car has been in an accident and has been heavily repaired so we heavily recommend not to get a car with an R as its grade. A 3.5 is the minimum grade that we recommend, as many older cars will be in very good condition with that grade.

What is compliance?

Compliance relates to the process of making an imported car adhere to the Australian Design Rules and includes various parts checks, replacements and upgrades. Every car imported from Japan will require compliance of sorts.

How much does compliance cost?

Compliance costs $2200

What is the service fee that you charge?

We charge a flat fee of $1000 for our services.

What are some other fees associated with purchasing a car besides compliance and your service fee?

There is a handy calculator located on the right sidebar of our auction portal that lists all the current prices but here is a rough breakdown:

  • Auction fee: ¥120 000
  • Delivery: $1900
  • Import duty: 5% of purchase price
  • GST


How can I be assured that the mileage listed on the auction is genuine?

We have a service specifically made for that purpose that can be found here.

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